The Imaginary Realms of
Gilbert M. Stack



The Map of Winterhaven

Here is the map of Winterhaven painted by Chris L. Adams. I think you'll agree that it's extraordinarily vivid and beautiful. If you'd like to see more of Chris' work, check out his webpage here


In the far off Duchy of Winterhaven at the edge of human civilization, a young knight investigates a most unusual murder while the Great Lords of the land scheme to expand their borders and take control of the duchy. A decade of relative peace is about to collapse and only young Dhrugal of Edgefield and his brothers and sister stand between Winterhaven and dark-spun chaos.

"Winterhaven is classic storytelling and world building where the duchies and people come alive right under one's nose without even realizing it. The plot is a complex one that doesn't rush itself, whose political and character threads are juggled with consummate precision and dexterity. The setting is reminiscent of medieval Europe, but the supernatural also lurks herein, which only heightens the mysticism of this world where things like 'the draal' are real, and shouldn't be taken lightly. The players are thoroughly developed...and believable. And that might be what strikes the chord the most--is that Stack's Winterhaven world seems so real. This story isn't to be read in a rush; it's immersive--a slow-roasted dinner versus a hot-pocket. Savor it as such." Chris L. Adams, Author of The Banshee of the Atacama

Winterhaven can be can be found at Amazon, AmazonUK, and for free on  Kindle Unlimited.

Winterhaven 2 The First Snows

Sane men spend the winter season bundled up in their homes near the fire praying for spring to come, so insanity must be on the rise in Winterhaven. With the tenuous unity of the Great Lords fractured by the failures of the Duke’s army in the west and the accusations of heresy against his son, new armies are secretly mobilizing even in this bitterest of seasons. Yet can even knights as great as William Lord Tavistock and Sir Conn of Edgefield lead armies to victory after the first snows have fallen?

The First Snows can be found on Amazon, Amazon UK and for free on Kindle Unlimited 

Winterhaven 3 The Blood of Torons

Duke Maldon may have suffered the shame of seeing his family's heresy exposed, but that doesn’t mean that the duke and his kin are out of the fight. Launching their most insidious scheme yet, they succeed in transforming a victory celebration uniting the duchy’s leading families into a bloody battlefield that ignites a civil war. And with the great families of Winterhaven doing their best to kill each other, no one seems to notice the far greater dangers arising on the border, threatening to overrun them all. No one, that is, but the weakest members of the tragically divided Toron family. Dhrugal and his brothers saved the duchy once, but can they do so again with the streets of the city running with The Blood of Torons? 

The Blood of Torons can be found on Amazon, Amazon UK and for free on Kindle Unlimited