The Imaginary Realms of
Gilbert M. Stack



Preternatural 1 The Devil's Caverns

If folks had any business living in the small Colorado town of Hadrian’s Well, there wouldn’t be a meadow called Dead Man’s Field outside of it. That’s where Deputy Joanna Dawson finds bloody body parts strewn across the ground. She thought that rural Colorado would be safer than Chicago. She’s about to find out she’s wrong.

"Refreshingly different from a lot of modern vampire stories. Nothing suave or romantic about this vicious and terrifying monster. Interesting characters in a believable (for horror fiction) situation." Charles van Buren, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

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Preternatural 2 Blood

With Sheriff Tucker down after the nosferatu attack, it’s up to newly appointed Undersheriff Joanna Donovan to rally her fellow officers. She must discover what new monster is terrorizing Hadrian’s Well and put an end to it before it kills any more of her citizens. Yet how can she do that with her own officers questioning her abilities, the town mayor strong arming her, and a new drug making its presence felt in Hadrian’s Well? Against her better judgment, she’s going to have to reach out to local science teacher, Evan Drake, to help her track down the creature or Hadrian’s Well will be awash in even more blood.

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Preternatural 3 Oktoberfeast

Hadrian’s Well hasn’t had an easy time of it lately. Half of the town’s deputies are either dead or incapacitated from a nosferatu attack and the rock troll rampaging through the jurisdiction didn’t improve the situation. Now, Undersheriff Joanna Donovan learns she has to police the annual Oktoberfest celebration with town volunteers rather than hiring trained law enforcement professionals. Yet happy beer-guzzling tourists aren’t the only visitors coming to Hadrian’s Well this season. Will Joanna and her small force be able to protect the town, or will Hadrian’s Well be overrun when the happy October festival turns into an unholy Oktoberfeast?

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Preternatural 4 Masks

Hadrian’s Well has survived the zombie apocalypse but that doesn’t mean life is getting easier there. Record rainfalls have resulted in widespread flooding and something in the water is killing people. Or is it in the water? Part of the problem in Hadrian’s Well is that the preternatural isn’t always what it seems. Many wear masks that let them move about in human society like they’re normal people. Human threats also abound as politics within and without the town handicap Undersheriff Donovan as she struggles to track the monsters down. As the body count rises, will Donovan and her understrength department be able to look beyond the masks and stem another tide of terror?

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