This is a novelization of the first episode of The X-Files television series aimed at school age kids. It’s a very quick read and if you watched the series or even were lucky enough to see the first episode, it will bring a pleasant smile to your face as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully meet for the first time and begin to investigate whether or not The Truth Is Out There. I’m not sure it would be so enjoyable if you haven’t had experience with the TV series. There is not a lot of depth here and I suspect there was very little (if any) extra added that wasn’t in the original script. Still, if you enjoyed The X-Files, you’ll probably enjoy this book.

The plot revolves around a number of dead young men and women who were all members of the same high school graduating class. It’s a small town and the autopsies are not top notch, but strange marks noted on some of the victims link their deaths. The town, however, has a confessed murderer and doesn’t want anyone doing anything that might throw his conviction in doubt and start their worries again. Except…the deaths are continuing and Mulder and Scully, without any real support, are all that stands in the way of the next person dying.

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