These two short stories take a quick look into a not-fully-developed vision of Zelazny’s science versus the supernatural universe. The hero and his apprentice run a little anti-supernatural shop. Think you might have a vampire living in the basement of your apartment building? Well, here’s the place you can get garlic and wooden stakes. Was that a werewolf you heard howling at the moon last night? They have boxes full of silver bullets in whatever caliber will fit your gun. Have you run into something a bit more esoteric? The odds are high that this shop has something that can help you out. The only thing not for sale is the magic sword on the wall—it’s display only—because every once in a while, the proprietor of the shop has to face down his supernatural nemesis in a duel over whether the scientific world view or the supernatural one will rule for the next generation.

These short stories are both very quick reads and quite a lot of fun.

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