Instead of having Holmes fight Dracula, Klaver has the two team-up to go after a horrible foe. Anyone with even the slightest amount of imagination will guess that that foe will be Moriarity and probably a vampire Moriarity. The foundation for this partnership is that Dracula isn’t the monster of legend but a deeply honorable and likable guy who happens to be a vampire. His wife, Mina, is also a vampire. And now, vampires are appearing everywhere, and Holmes and Dracula need to find out who is generating them and rescue Dracula’s wife, Mina, from their clutches.

The plot is actually pretty slow moving and never really caught my interest. The best part of the novel (and the only real surprise) was that Watson and his wife get turned into vampires causing more than a little difficulty and heartache. Afterall, some vampires are just nice bungling sidekicks and others turn into monsters of the night.

There were a couple of good action scenes and a nice twist at the end, but overall, the book never captured my imagination.

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