What could be better than mixing Hellboy and Thor together in the same story? Mixing them up in Hellboy’s body! That’s the basic plot of this Hellboy novel. When the remains of the God of Thunder are discovered with his hammer, Hellboy accidentally gets Mjolnir grafted to his hand and the God of Thunder stuck in his head. He also gets the problem of an ancient Frost Giant trying to resurrect himself from his old bones so he can take over all the Norse realms including the one we live in, Midgard.

There’s a lot of delightful Norse mythology pulled together for this story and plenty of really tough foes for Hellboy to try out his new hammer on. There are also some human opponents who seem to be worried that Hellboy is trying to steal the priceless artifact grafted to his hand. Mostly, however, it’s just pure and simple action—Hellboy style. If you like the comics or the novels, you’ll love this story.

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