Andrea Vernon is back for one last adventure, telling her eight-year-old daughter how she and the daughter’s father (who the eight-year-old has just learned was a superhero called The Big Axe—not the man she thinks of as dad) saved the world before Andrea decided to give up superheroing to be a super parent instead.

At the end of the last novel, the villains had won and taken over the nation and with it all the headaches involved in actually running a country. To help them, they create a robot version of Andrea called Androida and the two super administrative assistants go head-to-head in their efforts to use bureaucracy to help their sides win the ultimate superhero-supervillain contest—except—lots of the supervillains are on the superhero side because they are more comfortably fighting against the “man” which is now represented by supervillains.

The book is filled with the same quirky fun of the first two novels as we try to learn what the heck happened to The Big Axe and why he isn’t with Andrea anymore. It’s a worthy conclusion to a very fun trilogy.

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