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Newsletter #7

Stacked High: Issue 7: The Official Newsletter of Gilbert M. Stack

Welcome back to Stacked High. Halloween is just around the corner. (Okay, three months around the corner, but you know what I mean.) So in honor of one of my favorite holidays, I’m excited to offer you my newest Occult-tober offering, Blood Ties.

It seemed like such an easy case. All attorney Liz Dunn had to do was escort Ryan Hart to meet his long lost uncle in the tiny country of Carpathia on the Transylvanian border. Ryan stood to gain a ten million dollar estate. Liz wanted the hefty check that would keep her law firm in the black. But Ryan’s dying uncle, the enigmatic Stefan Carpathios, planned to get something far more sinister in return. In an ancient land where legends come to life, Liz is about to discover that the world is much more complex than she believed and a blood tie can be an exceedingly dangerous thing.

Blood Ties is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords, and other fine e-retailers.

With one week left before the fifth book in the Legionnaire series, The Centinela Gambit, goes live, there’s still time to purchase it for 25% off the cover price of $3.99. The Centinela Gambit will be released on August 2, 2018.

Surrounded by enemies, Prefect Marcus Venandus launches a bold stroke to eliminate one opponent in the coming war. The key to his plan is the fortified border town of Centinela—the Sentinel of Southern Morganita. Its fortified walls are strong enough to delay conventional forces for weeks, giving the other enemy city-states plenty of time to invade Amatista from the east. Yet, one thing Marcus has learned in the Jeweled Hills is that the locals do not understand the full capabilities of legion-style infantry. Can he take advantage of their ignorance to neutralize Centinela? Or will his risky gambit cost Marcus and his allies the war?

The Centinela Gambit is available at Amazon.

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Until next time, I hope your enjoying your summer .And remember, Occult-tober is only three months away…

Gilbert M. Stack