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Newsletter #11

Stacked High: Issue 11: The Official Newsletter of Gilbert M. Stack

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One unanticipated benefit of working from home for the past twelve weeks is that my writing productivity has more than doubled. It turns out that if you still get up early but don’t have to spend time commuting, you can write three thousand words before the day gets started. The result is three new Legionnaire novels in 2020 with a fourth one just about to be completed. So, if you’re looking for something to read, check out:

Flood of War

Days of rain force sane armies to hunker down to wait for dry weather. Yet, no one in the Jeweled Hills would accuse Prefect Marcus Venandus of being sane. Not only has he united the bickering Qing, Gente and Gota in his Black Hat Legion, he rarely embraces conventional military tactics. With three days of drenching weather turning roads to mud, flooding creeks, and bogging down his enemies’ carts and wagons, Marcus seizes the initiative and leads one thousand of his Black Hats on their most daring campaign yet. Can he use the Flood of War to sink the treacherous Thegn of Granate? Or will the rains wash away any chance he has of winning this war?

Calidus' Stand

With Prefect Marcus and the Black Hat Legion still trapped in Morganita fighting against the treacherous Thegn Hathus of Granate, it falls to Calidus Vulpes, Red Vigil of the Aquilan legions, to take a thousand quiet Qing infantry men and fifteen hundred unruly Gente archers to hold off the full might of Diamonte at Angosto Pass. The odds are thirty-to-one against them. Can the Aquilan junior officer hold back the enemy until Marcus and the veterans return, or will this prove to be Calidus’ final stand?

Fog of War

Despite their impressive victories in the north, Prefect Marcus and the Black hat Legion stand alone against the full might of Diamonte and Aquamarina. With their home city under siege and the cowardly Lord Totila refusing to lead his host out from behind the walls of Centinela, it falls once again to Marcus to protect his adopted homeland by himself. His only hope is to thread the needle, maneuvering his legion across enemy-occupied Amatista to the one location that might enable him to recapture the initiative in this war. It’s a risky gamble. With multiple armies afield and none of them knowing where the others are, the fate of Amatista will depend on Marcus’ ability to navigate the Fog of War.

Legionnaire on Audio

Thanks to the amazing vocal talents of William L. Hahn, the first Legionnaire bundle is now available in audio. This book covers the first three novels in the series: The Fire Islands, The Sea of Grass, and The Jeweled Hills. It’s a great way to start the series.

I have a handful of free book codes left for Marcus Takes Command. If you’d like one please email me and specify whether you need a US or UK version of your audible audio book.

I hope everyone is staying safe during these difficult times.

Gilbert M. Stack

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