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Gilbert M. Stack


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Legionnaire is a gritty High Fantasy series set on the borders of the far-flung Republic of Aquila. While political in-fighting and scheming are the order of the day in the heart of the Republic, the borderlands are awash with dangers only kept in check by the might of the legions. Fell magics, savage peoples, and scheming empires all threaten the country Patrician Marcus Venandus has sworn to defend using his wits, military strategy and his small command of highly disciplined legionnaires.

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Twelve hundred years ago the Ardenesse came to this world to wage the War of Night for Vapin the Law Giver. Now the Duchy of Winterhaven, the furthest outpost of Ardenesse civilization, is about to find itself caught in the middle of the resurgent darkness. Winter is coming in this exciting epic fantasy. 

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Now that the Great War is done, ace pilot Mitch Pembroke just wants to spend a few peaceful years enjoying the Roaring Twenties before he settles down and takes the corner office in his father’s company, Pembroke Steel. Unfortunately, peace is the last thing Mitch can find. Trouble follows wherever he goes and not even his best friend, boxer-turned-bodyguard, Kit Moran can keep him out of all of it. Pembroke Steel blurs the line between historical fiction and dark fantasy.

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