The Imaginary Realms of
Gilbert M. Stack


Miss Pandora Parson

Book 1 Pandora's Luck

Miss Pandora Parson is a lady gambler making her living in the rough and tumble West of 1874. William Steed is a manager willing to run over anyone to establish the reputation of his new prize fighter. Corey Callaghan is the young bare-knuckle boxer who stands in his way. When the three meet up in Denver, there’ll be crime to pay.

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Book 2 Pandora's Defense

When bare knuckle boxer Corey Callaghan’s trainer is locked in prison on a charge of murder, the sheriff doesn’t much care if he’s innocent or guilty. That’s because he doesn’t expect the case to go before a judge and jury. You see, the dead man’s son is leading a posse to town looking for vengeance and Corey’s fists aren’t likely to be enough to save the old man. It looks like Patrick’s only chance to avoid a lynching is lady luck, a named gambler, Pandora Parson, and the strength of her defense.

You can find Pandora's Defense at Amazon, AmazonUK, and for free on Kindle Unlimited.