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Miss Pandora Parson

The Miss Pandora Parson Series

Pandora's Luck was my first professional sale. The book was bought by the extraordinary Linda Landrigan, editor in chief of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. The tale was a work of love written without any thought of where I would publish it and after I finished it I had a hard time figuring out where to submit it. On the surface, it's a western, which it certainly is. It also has just the very slightest touch of fantasy--not nearly enough to qualify it for one of the fantasy magazines out there. It's not really even a mystery, but it is strongly focused upon a crime and that is right up Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine's alley. So I submitted it and several months later was happily shocked by a very pleasant acceptance note from Ms. Landrigan. 

So I kept writing stories about Miss Pandora and her friends and started to emphasize the mystery elements as well. Thirteen in and I'm still writing them, now bringing them out through Amazon to make them available to a wider audience. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have writing them.

Book 1 Pandora's Luck

Miss Pandora Parson is a lady gambler making her living in the rough and tumble West of 1874. William Steed is a manager willing to run over anyone to establish the reputation of his new prize fighter. Corey Callaghan is the young bare-knuckle boxer who stands in his way. When the three meet up in Denver, there’ll be crime to pay.

You can find Pandora's Luck at Amazon, AmazonUK, and for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Book 2 Pandora's Defense

When bare knuckle boxer Corey Callaghan’s trainer is locked in prison on a charge of murder, the sheriff doesn’t much care if he’s innocent or guilty. That’s because he doesn’t expect the case to go before a judge and jury. You see, the dead man’s son is leading a posse to town looking for vengeance and Corey’s fists aren’t likely to be enough to save the old man. It looks like Patrick’s only chance to avoid a lynching is lady luck, a named gambler, Pandora Parson, and the strength of her defense.

You can find Pandora's Defense at Amazon, AmazonUK, and for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Book 3 Pandora's Journey

When lady gambler, Miss Pandora Parson, and bare-knuckle boxer, Corey Callaghan board the train out of Cheyenne, all they’re expecting is a hot dry ride through the August countryside. A simple game of cards looks like the perfect way to pass the time. Little could they know that one of their fellow passengers has a little mayhem on his mind—enough so to make this one memorable Pandora’s Journey.

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Book 4 Pandora's Fort

All is not right at Fort Bridger. Miss Pandora Parson and Corey Callaghan arrive to give testimony in Lieutenant Ridgewood’s dereliction of duty trial. With the court inclined against him, it looks like the good lieutenant is going to be found guilty. The only thing standing between an honest soldier and an unjust conviction is a certain lady gambler and her bare-knuckle boxer friend.

You can find Pandora's Fort at Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited

Book 5 Pandora's Ghost Town

When the stagecoach lady gambler, Miss Pandora Parson, and bareknuckle boxer, Corey Callaghan, are riding in breaks down in the middle of nowhere, they think that all they have to worry about is food, water, and finding a way to civilization. They have no idea that something more sinister awaits them and their fellow passengers in the old mining ghost town they take shelter in and no way to know that not all of them will be walking out again.

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Book 6 Pandora's Demon

As an attractive lady gambler in the wild west, Miss Pandora Parson is used to getting a fair share of attention from gentleman admirers. But what is she to do when the man is no gentleman and refuses to take “no” for an answer?

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