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Against Time by Dean Wesley Smith

Posted by Gilbert Stack on August 17, 2022 at 6:05 AM

Against Time by Dean Wesley Smith

The opening sequence of this novel is superb. Callie, a paleontologist, and two of her graduate students, come out of a cave system they have been working in to discover dead people everywhere. It’s very creepy and certainly catches the reader’s attention.


At the same time, two guys are flying around in their spaceship and come across the earth. From them, we discover that there are thousands of earths each looking pretty much the same and having the same development due to a mysterious group called “the seeders”. Doc and Fisher are just figuring out that billions of people on this world have been killed when a whole bunch of spaceships appear and begin “rescuing” the remaining two million people on the planet before a second deadly wave of radiation arrives to kill off the rest of the survivors. I put rescue in quotes because they then return everyone after the radiation passes and two million people spread out over a whole globe aren’t going to survive very long


But still, interesting set up. The middle part, Fisher’s attempt to reconnect with Callie (whom he meets briefly during the “rescue”) is lower key adventure, but toward the end things pick up again when Fisher puts some facts that were troubling me together and in doing so sets up the series to follow.


A nice little adventure, but far from Smith’s best work.


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