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Occultober Day 4 Blood Ties by Gilbert M. Stack

Posted by Gilbert Stack on October 4, 2022 at 8:00 AM

Occultober Day 4 Blood Ties by Gilbert M. Stack

For the fourth day of this celebration of spookiness, I want to introduce one of my own novels—a book that I originally conceived as a humorous satire of the supernatural adventure, but found myself instead writing a much darker, more traditionally thrilling, novel.


One of the things that made Dracula so effective is that it began by taking an English man out of his normal setting and isolating him in what was effectively another world—Transylvania—home to Vlad the Impaler—a much more medieval than modern setting. In Blood Ties, I’ve tried to capture that sense of helplessness that comes from being dropped into a foreign environment way outside of a person’s comfort zone. Liz Dunn is a lawyer who has never quite recovered from a severe beating she received while protecting a client from a stalker. Now, she has to accompany her new client to the country of Carpathia right on the border of Transylvania so he can meet his only living relative—a reclusive uncle who is (unsurprisingly given the genre) much more than he seems. You see, the uncle wants to meet Ryan just as badly as Ryan wants to meet him—but for a far more nefarious reason.


Blood Ties is my tribute to the classic creators who invented the modern horror field. Vampires, werewolves, zombies—it’s all in here, including a little touch of Cthulhu.


You can find Blood Ties on Amazon and and free on Kindle Unlimited.


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