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The Unity Series on Sale for 99 Cents Each

Posted by Gilbert Stack on July 3, 2022 at 11:50 AM

For the month of July, the four books of my The Unity series will be 99 cents apiece on Amazon. The books are:

Fugitive only 99 cents or free on Kindle Unlimited

Prisoner only 99 cents or free on Kindle Unlimited

Bride only 99 cents or free on Kindle Unlimited

Empyreal only 99 cents or free on Kindle Unlimited


Here’s what the series is all about:

An arranged marriage bridging two nations that loathe each other…A galaxy tumbling toward galactic recession and war…Jewel doesn’t want to be part of any of this, but she’s still the only person who can possibly avert an apocalypse on a galactic scale.


Armenium is the rarest, most valuable, resource in the galaxy, making faster-than-light travel possible. Its only known source is controlled by the militant Hegemony of Armen, a brutal and uncivilized people who maintain their monopoly through blunt force and intimidation. The ultrasophisticated, intensely capitalistic, Cartel Worlds, have built their fortunes refining and distributing the armenium for the Armenites, but the alliance between the two peoples is not a match made in heaven. The two cultures are vastly different, held tenuously together by marriage alliances between the leading Houses of Armen and the mightiest of the Cartels. Now a second source of armenium has been discovered, threatening the tenuous relationship between the two powers as forces within the hegemony fight over the implications of the find for themselves and their pseudo-religious Unity. For the Armenites have a far more intense relationship with the armenium than the rest of the galaxy could possibly understand. Now the future stability of all human space depends upon one young Cartelite woman’s ability to use her arranged marriage to penetrate the mysteries of the Hegemony and find a path that preserves the peace for everyone.


I hope you’ll give it a try!

Gilbert M. Stack


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