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The Spider 5 Empire of Doom by Grant Stockbridge

Posted by Gilbert Stack on June 11, 2022 at 8:30 AM

The Spider 5 Empire of Doom by Grant Stockbridge

Richard Wentworth gets outside of New York for the fifth Spider adventure in which the Green Claw has come into possession of a horrifying poisonous gas which eats human flesh like acid and is preparing to blackmail American cities into paying him billions not to kill their populations. To complicate matters, the Green Claw appears to be using a wealthy American industrialist as a catspaw, making him look like he is brilliantly saving American cities from the gas so that his popularity skyrockets and Americans demand he be made dictator of the country (something to which all elected politicians happily agree). Only the Spider stands between the claw and his coup to take over America.


As you can see from the above description, lots of this story goes well beyond even the broadest definition of plausibility, but then, these adventures have never been high on the credibility scale. There’s all the breathless action I’ve come to expect in the series and they continue to make a fun, quick, read.


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