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Gotrek and Felix 11 Shamanslayer by Nathan Long

Posted by Gilbert Stack on May 15, 2022 at 9:25 AM

Gotrek and Felix 11 Shamanslayer by Nathan Long

Nathan Long finds the magic for Gotrek and Felix with his novel Shamanslayer. The book opens with Felix losing his last connection to his old life when his brother basically disowns him because Felix’s enemies killed their (rather corrupt) father. At the same time, a knight of the Fiery Heart demands Felix turn over his magic sword which technically belongs to the order, but because the knight needs the help of Felix and Gotrek, he gives our heroes a chance to honorably win back the weapon which Felix has used so heroically over the decades. Together the knight, his squire, and Felix and Gotrek set off to find out what happened to the last of the Fiery Heart brothers when they went off to war. The answer was one of the best threats that Felix and Gotrek have yet faced in this series. The apocalypse is coming and quite frankly, only Gotrek and Felix have a chance to divert it.


We get armies, corrupt humans, bestial monsters, and a fantastic overwhelming danger in this novel, but we also get a touching (if slightly disturbing) piece of nostalgia where Felix gets reminded that his actions over the years have positively impacted a great many lives. This is one of—if not the best—of the books in this series.


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