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Executioner 276 Cyberhunt by Don Pendleton

Posted by Gilbert Stack on January 21, 2022 at 10:10 PM

Executioner 271 Cyberhunt by Don Pendleton

I read The Executioner series pretty consistently for about four years. I enjoyed them. When I moved and needed to downsize a rather massive personal library, this book was one of only two of those volumes that I decided to keep. After having just reread it, I’m not sure why I held onto it.


On the positive side, it’s fast paced and very focused in its action. Once the shooting starts, the Executioner pretty much goes from battle to battle without much difficulty until the end of the book. On the negative side, there’s a supporting cast member, a female Mossad agent, who starts out looking quite competent, but falls into “hostage” mode two times during the novel. Two times seemed like overkill to me.


I suppose the most negative thing I could say about it is that it wasn’t memorable. Unlike the vast majority of books I reread, I didn’t remember anything specific about this novel. It was fun, but that’s all.


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