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The Fire Islands Hits 3000 Sales

Posted by Gilbert Stack on July 18, 2021 at 7:40 AM

This morning, I sold my 3000th copy of The Fire Islands, the opening book in my Legionnaire series. That's a truly exciting number, far more than I realistically thought I would sell of any single one of my novels. And the series is doing quite well too. If you're looking for a good military fantasy set on the borders of an analog of Rome where magic is one of the dangers, give this short book a try. You can find it on Amazon or free on Kindle Unlimited. Here's the blurb:

Lesser Tribune Marcus Venandus, Legion officer exemplar, was exiled to the disease-ridden hell hole known as the Fire Islands as punishment for the failed political machinations of his father. While the days of the powerful witchdoctor kings throwing skeletal armies against the shields of the legion have faded into history, all is not right at the edge of the world. Unrest is boiling once again as long dead darkness seeps back into the islands. With the legion more concerned with its personal rivalries than with its duty, it will fall to Marcus and his small, highly disciplined, command to put the horrors of the past back in their graves and literally save Aquila from a fate worse than death.

And here's the link to the book on Amazon and KU:

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