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Occultober Day 17 Legion of the Undead by Michael Whitehead

Posted by Gilbert Stack on October 18, 2020 at 8:05 AM

Occultober Day 17 Legion of the Undead by Michael Whitehead

As we’ve noted before, zombies are an important part of horror novels. What makes this series fascinating is that the zombies arrive—not today—but at the height of the Roman Empire. In many ways, other than the setting, it’s typical zombie fare—a single source point of infection is vectoring across the planet—but it just doesn’t feel typical when you’re watching Roman legionnaires respond to the threat. The whole novel feels highly authentic as the legions struggle to come to grips with the walking dead. Then things get even more interesting as politics intersects the zombie crisis to make saving civilization—no, saving all of humanity—even more difficult. Strong and memorable characters that the author is not afraid to kill populate an unusual apocalyptic tale.


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