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Review: Henry Gallant and the Warrior

Posted by Gilbert Stack on June 7, 2020 at 6:20 PM

Henry Gallant and the Warrior by H. Peter Alesso

For book three of the Henry Gallant saga, H. Peter Alesso turned to submarines for his inspiration. Lieutenant Gallant is given command of the Warrior, a ship with brand new stealth technology. Its mission is to penetrate into Titan controlled space and penetrate its communications to secure critical intelligence for the human fleet. The mission is even more vital than it might at first appear because humans are losing the war. They’ve just lost control of Jupiter and they fear that the aliens will soon be moving on Mars.


This is a great storyline with all the sorts of trouble you would expect to find in a classic submarine thriller. There is even an ingenious problem in which an alien ship appears to be tracking the Warrior despite its cloaking device that I found particularly exciting. In addition, Gallant has to deal with the problems of his first command and frankly I thought the whole vibe worked very well.


However, the real crux of the story for me revolved around the growing tension between Gallant and an intelligence liaison. Their disagreements over strategy and the limits of their respective authorities and responsibilities added tremendously to the tension—especially Gallant’s fears that her concerns were driven not by data and facts, but by her prejudice that he is not a genetically modified human and therefore couldn’t be trusted with the big decisions. The normal versus genetically enhanced human storyline is a great way to deal with so many prejudices of today in the context of a great science fiction story.


I received this book free from Audiobook Boom in exchange for an honest review.


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