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Review: Somewhere to Run to by Mike Adams

Posted by Gilbert Stack on May 18, 2020 at 6:50 PM

Book 22: Somewhere to Run to by Mike Adams

The noose is tightening around New Hope as the aliens prepare for a massive all-out assault to finish what they think is the last human settlement on the planet, but the rangers defending this outpost know that all they have to do is hold out until earth can send reinforcements with heavy weapons to rescue them. So the stakes are high in the twenty-second installment in this action-packed incredibly well thought out series as both sides are reaching that all or nothing moment when victory and survival will mean exactly the same thing.


One of the great thrills of this series is watching the desperate humans find new and clever ways to employ the very limited material they have to fight the war, and this time Adams comes up with a tactic I had wondered about several books earlier in the series. It’s definitely clever and promises to buy the colonists a couple of more days—if it doesn’t blow up in their faces and hasten their doom.


Finally, Adams returns to the Jacks, fifty teenaged girls from New Hope Academy who were stranded out in the wilderness at the beginning of the war. We’ve watched them train to fight and survive, grow into a competent military unit, battle wildlife and aliens with growing confidence, and rescue something like eight times their number of adult rangers and civilians captured (or in danger of being captured) by the aliens. In the latter half of this book they take on yet another amazing challenge, finally positioning themselves (I think) to be the decisive element in the coming battle for New Hope. Maybe next book we’ll see if I’m as smart as I think I am. I can’t wait to read it.


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