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3 Weeks Left to Get Discount on Blood Ties

Posted by Gilbert Stack on September 16, 2018 at 8:00 AM

Less than 3 weeks left to take advantage of the pre-order discount price for my supernatural thriller, Blood Ties.

It seemed like such an easy case. All attorney Liz Dunn had to do was escort Ryan Hart to meet his long lost uncle in the tiny country of Carpathia on the Transylvanian border. Ryan stood to gain a ten million dollar estate. Liz wanted the hefty check that would keep her law firm in the black. But Ryan’s dying uncle, the enigmatic Stefan Carpathios, planned to get something far more sinister in return. In an ancient land where legends come to life, Liz is about to discover that the world is much more complex than she believed and a blood tie can be an exceedingly dangerous thing.

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