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Today in History: The Battle of Megiddo

Posted by Gilbert Stack on April 16, 2018 at 4:40 AM

On this day (April 16) in 1457 BCE, the Battle of Megiddo took place. This is the first battle of which a substantial and generally reliable record exists. It was fought between the Egyptians under Thutmose III and the Canaanite rebel, the King of Kadesh. Kadesh miscalculated his defense, spreading his forces out to cover two major passes but leaving the third essentially unwatched. Thutmose took advantage of this to crush his forces, but then the Egyptian troops became bogged down in looting Kadesh’s baggage train permitting substantial numbers of surviving forces to escape into the city of Megiddo. It took seven more months to force the city to surrender. The Egyptian sources list substantial amounts of treasure gained by Thutmose including: 22,500 sheep, 2,041 mares, 1,929 cattle, 924 chariots, 502 bows, 340 prisoners, 200 suits of armor, 191 foals, and 6 stallions.

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