The Imaginary Realms of
Gilbert M. Stack


Among Us

Among Us 1 Hiding Among Us

If not for the quick action of a passing stranger, Mina Raintree’s bad-news sister would have bled out in the road. Now the hit-and-run driver who put her in the hospital has fixated on Mina with pathological fury. He wants something Ally stole from him, and the stranger who saved Ally’s life is the only thing standing between Mina and the madman. But who is this good Samaritan who’s always at the wrong place at the right time to help Mina? And is he, like Ally’s crazy-eyed assailant much more than he appears to be? There’s a supernatural community hiding within Philadelphia pretending to be human and Mina, thanks to her younger sister, is about to learn what happens to people who discover there are monsters hiding among us.

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Among Us 2 Searching Among Us

Horrors out of legend have come to Philadelphia and set their sights on Mina Raintree as the mortal woman most likely to lead them to what they want. There’s just one problem, even if she wanted to, Mina couldn’t help them. Her memory has been damaged by a powerful immortal—quite possibly the same mysterious woman the legends have come seeking. With her own protector temporarily out of town, Mina’s only hope to maintain her freedom is found in her new friend, Kameko Kasaka. But Kameko has dangerous enemies of her own. How long can she and Mina evade those Searching Among Us?

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