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What's Coming Next?

Pandora's Fort

The Sea of Grass

Fan Chris Grady sent me this video of him receiving his copy of The Sea of Grass

What Am I Working on Now?

1.  Currently I am working hard on the 13th Legionnaire novel. Marcus and his legionnaires have entered Diamonte territory even as Diamonte's armies strengthen their siege of Amatista.

2. Now I'm deep into the fourth book in the Preternatural series where more problems befall Hadrian's Well as they attempt to recover from the terror of Oktoberfeast

3. I'm also playing around with a complete rewrite of the first novel I ever started back in high school. Circles is the story of three friends--Vikings who died in the ninth century saving the world. Two of them went to Valhalla. The third...well it's not quite clear where he ended up. What's important is all three are coming back to avert a twenty-first century Ragnarok that threatens earth and all the Norse realms.

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Welcome to My Imagination!!

I'm an author of epic and heroic fantasy, paranormal adventures, historical fiction, and mysteries. I'm best known for my Legionnaire series (military heroic fantasy published online and in print) and my Miss Pandora Parson mysteries originally published in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. Take a look around and feel free to visit again. If you have any questions you can contact me through the Guestbook or at You can also find me at Goodreads.  

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Legionnaire 12 Fire Storm

25% off if pre-ordered by December 3. Marcus and his legion have knocked Morgantia and Granate out of the war, but that didn’t stop Diamonte from laying siege to his adopted home of Amatista. The invading army is simply too large to confront directly, so Marcus has determined to invade Diamonte itself to force his enemies to break their siege and come defend their own homes. There’s only one problem with the plan. Diamonte has an army of reinforcements heading through Angosto Pass toward Amatista and a second army trailing after the legion trying to catch it from behind. Can Marcus blaze his way through the opposition or will he and his brave men be trapped in a fire storm of their own making?

Now Available

Hiding Among Us

If not for the quick action of a passing stranger, Mina Raintree’s bad-news sister would have bled out in the road. Now the hit-and-run driver who put her in the hospital has fixated on Mina with pathological fury. He wants something Ally stole from him, and the stranger who saved Ally’s life is the only thing standing between Mina and the madman. But who is this good Samaritan who’s always at the wrong place at the right time to help Mina? And is he, like Ally’s crazy-eyed assailant much more than he appears to be? There’s a supernatural community hiding within Philadelphia pretending to be human and Mina, thanks to her younger sister, is about to learn what happens to people who discover there are monsters hiding among us.

Preternatural 3 Oktoberfeast

Hadrian’s Well hasn’t had an easy time of it lately. Half of the town’s deputies are either dead or incapacitated from a nosferatu attack and the rock troll rampaging through the jurisdiction didn’t improve the situation. Now, Undersheriff Joanna Donovan learns she has to police the annual Oktoberfest celebration with town volunteers rather than hiring trained law enforcement professionals. Yet happy beer-guzzling tourists aren’t the only visitors coming to Hadrian’s Well this season. Will Joanna and her small force be able to protect the town, or will Hadrian’s Well be overrun when the happy October festival turns into an unholy Oktoberfeast?

A Legionnaire Prequel...

Green Vigil Book 1 The  Jungles of Ekángá

Long before Prefect Marcus Venandus directed the defense of the Jeweled Hills, Green Vigil Marcus led his first command into the treacherous jungles of Ekángá. As if the jungle itself wasn’t deadly enough, native warriors and shamans strike from its shadows with magic, spear and dart, while the forcibly transplanted Graeci population seethes with unrest in the supposedly civilized regions of the province. Deep in the jungle, young Marcus is about to discover how little lycee combat exercises have to do with surviving the Jungles of Ekángá.

The Jungles of Ekángá is available at Amazon, Amazon UK, and other fine e-retailers. 

Legionnaire 11 Fog of War

25% off if pre-ordered by August 6. Despite their impressive victories in the north, Prefect Marcus and the Black Hat Legion stand alone against the full might of Diamonte and Aquamarina. With their home city under siege and the cowardly Lord Totila refusing to lead his host out from behind the walls of Centinela, it falls once again to Marcus to protect his adopted homeland by himself. His only hope is to thread the needle, maneuvering his legion across enemy-occupied Amatista to the one location that might enable him to recapture the initiative in this war. It’s a risky gamble. With multiple armies afield and none of them knowing where the others are, the fate of Amatista will depend on Marcus’ ability to navigate the Fog of War.

Fog of War is available at Amazon, Amazon UK, and other fine e-retailers. 

Legionnaire 10 Calidus' Stand

With Prefect Marcus and the Black Hat Legion still trapped in Morganita fighting against the treacherous Thegn Hathus of Granate, it falls to Calidus Vulpes, Red Vigil of the Aquilan legions, to take a thousand quiet Qing infantry men and fifteen hundred unruly Gente archers to hold off the full might of Diamonte at Angosto Pass. The odds are thirty-to-one against them. Can the Aquilan junior officer hold back the enemy until Marcus and the veterans return, or will this prove to be Calidus’ final stand?

Calidus' Stand is available at Amazon, Amazon UK, and other fine e-retailers.

Legionnaire 9 Flood of War

Days of rain force sane armies to hunker down to wait for dry weather. Yet, no one in the Jeweled Hills would accuse Prefect Marcus Venandus of being sane. Not only has he united the bickering Qing, Gente and Gota in his Black Hat Legion, he rarely embraces conventional military tactics. With three days of drenching weather turning roads to mud, flooding creeks, and bogging down his enemies’ carts and wagons, Marcus seizes the initiative and leads one thousand of his Black Hats on their most daring campaign yet. Can he use the Flood of War to sink the treacherous Thegn of Granate? Or will the rains wash away any chance he has of winning this war?

Flood of War can be found at Amazon, AmazonUK, and other fine e-retailers.

Preternatural 2 Blood 

With Sheriff Tucker down after the nosferatu attack, it’s up to newly appointed Undersheriff Joanna Donovan to rally her fellow officers. She must discover what new monster is terrorizing Hadrian’s Well and put an end to it before it kills any more of her citizens. Yet how can she do that with her own officers questioning her abilities, the town mayor strong arming her, and a new drug making its presence felt in Hadrian’s Well? Against her better judgment, she’s going to have to reach out to local science teacher, Evan Drake, to help her track down the creature or Hadrian’s Well will be awash in even more blood.

You can find Blood at Amazon, AmazonUK, and many other e-retailers. And don't forget about Preternatural 1 The Devil's Caverns also available at Amazon, AmazonUK and pretty much everywhere. 

Winterhaven 3 The Blood of Torons

Duke Maldon may have suffered the shame of seeing his family's heresy exposed, but that doesn’t mean that the duke and his kin are out of the fight. Launching their most insidious scheme yet, they succeed in transforming a victory celebration uniting the duchy’s leading families into a bloody battlefield that ignites a civil war. And with the great families of Winterhaven doing their best to kill each other, no one seems to notice the far greater dangers arising on the border, threatening to overrun them all. No one, that is, but the weakest members of the tragically divided Toron family. Dhrugal and his brothers saved the duchy once, but can they do so again with the streets of the city running with The Blood of Torons?

You can find Winterhaven at Amazon, AmazonUK, and other e-retailers. 

The Map of Winterhaven

Here is the amazing map of Winterhaven painted by Chris L. Adams. Chris split the final version into two maps so that the detail will be easier to make out on e-readers and phones. It is, I am sure you will agree, extraordinary! You can see more of Chris' art work and poetry and links to his fiction here

Blood Ties Is Here!

My new novel, Blood Ties, is now available! It’s part of my October celebration--Occult-tober. Here's the blurb of the novel:

It seemed like such an easy case. All attorney Liz Dunn had to do was escort Ryan Hart to meet his long lost uncle in the tiny country of Carpathia on the Transylvanian border. Ryan stood to gain a ten million dollar estate. Liz wanted the hefty check that would keep her law firm in the black. But Ryan’s dying uncle, the enigmatic Stefan Carpathios, planned to get something far more sinister in return. In an ancient land where legends come to life, Liz is about to discover that the world is much more complex than she believed and a blood tie can be an exceedingly dangerous thing. In the quest for immortality, a relative is a terrible thing to waste.

Blood Ties is available on Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords, and other fine e-retailers. 

Written Gems

I’m excited to announce the creation of a new discussion group on Goodreads dedicated to the wonderful but often underappreciated works that form the roots of Fantasy and Science Fiction today. This will include such greats as: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lord Dunsany, Robert E. Howard, H.G. Wells, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H.P. Lovecraft, and more—plus the occasional author you may have never read (but will be very glad you did).

These authors not only influenced the development of their genres but are still frankly fun to read today. We want to explore these works together and seek out more—and we’re inviting you to join us in our endeavor.

Joining me in this noble cause are authors William L. Hahn and Chris L. Adams. Will is an expert in epic fantasy and Chris is an authority on the pulp classics of the first half of the twentieth century. Together we’ll explore a new work each month, seeking to understand not only what made the novel fun in the past, but why it has endured, and what it has to offer for audiences today.

If you’re interested, why don’t you take a look at Written Gems on Goodreads where you’ll find more information about our group?

We have two discussion threads now:

A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Khaled: A Tale of Arabia by Francis Marion Crawford

We hope you’ll join us.

Two Reviews

My story, Hearts of Ice, and my Pandora Series, each picked up favorable mentions recently.  

Aside from wishing that the novella was longer, Barb at Night Owl Reviews said: "... the ending was a surprise and I was not expecting that... All in all, the story was good."

My Pandora Series at Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine was mentioned in the comments to a Bill Crider blog on western crime fiction at Criminal Element. Richard Prosch said: "Another terrific bunch of Old West mystery stories is Gilbert M. Stack's Pandora series. The new one (Number 10, I think) is in the latest Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine this month." 


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