I’m an author of epic and heroic fantasy, paranormal adventures, historical fiction, and mysteries. I’m best known for my Legionnaire series (military heroic fantasy published online, in audio, and in print) and my Miss Pandora Parson mysteries originally published in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. Take a look around and feel free to visit again. If you have any questions you can contact me through the Guestbook or at gilbertmstack@gmail.com. You can also find me at Goodreads.

I’m still rebuilding my website after Webs.com shut down. Actually, I spend most of my time writing. Learning Word Press is more challenging than I hoped it would be and I haven’t had the time to really get into it. On the other hand, I am enjoying a very productive writing run. This year will see new books come out in the following series: Legionnaire, Musket Men, Preternatural, and The Unity. All of these books can be found on Amazon.

Escape from Amatista: Thegns Beremund and Alaric have done the impossible. Following a plan constructed by Prefect Marcus Venandus the previous winter, they secretly led a couple of thousand people out of Amatista under the very noses of the Diamonte invaders. But now they have to get all of their refugees past the enemy patrols, through the countryside, and safely into the lands of Topacio. If they succeed, they can continue resisting Diamonte’s conquest well into the next year. If they fail, Marcus and his legion will be alone in enemy territory without support and without a home to return to. Amatista has fallen, but does that mean it’s out of the war?

Sturm Shelter: 25% off if ordered before May 21, 2024. Major Marshal “Sturm Front” Sturm, Hero of Steil Pass, has done the impossible yet again—he has liberated the strategically vital city of Hekt from Angevin hands. But the struggle to hold onto this jewel on the Markt River has only just begun. With an invading host of Angevin soldiers gathering across the river in Oosten Graanland, and enemy reinforcements rapidly approaching Hekt from the Angevin interior, Sturm is caught between two mighty armies. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the city also has large numbers of potential traitors—religious fanatics who didn’t want to be liberated by someone they consider to be a heretic. Will Hekt prove to be Sturm’s shelter or his grave?

Sturm Front: Marshal Sturm is in trouble. With just one company of musket men and a battalion of dismounted cavalry, he has to stop the whole Angevin army from securing the eastern entrance to Steil Pass. Effectively, he’s the cork stoppering a bottle full of Angies with their thousands upon thousands of muskets, pikes, and cannon. Unfortunately for Sturm, that bottle is well shaken and its contents are about to erupt straight through the pass. Failure to hold back Anjou means a brand new front in the decades old war—a development that will almost certainly cost Kriegsturm Oosten Graanland. Nobody thinks he can hold, but the world is about to discover what happens when the unstoppable Angevin tide runs headlong into the Sturm Front.

Sturm Warning: Many feel that the Laws of Wotan clearly prohibit the use of muskets in combat, but that didn’t prevent the Empire of Anjou from introducing them and transforming the face of warfare forever. Now, a full generation after the heretical weapons drove the High Kingdom of Kriegsturm firmly onto the defensive, neither side is yet using the gun to its full potential.

That’s about to change.

Lieutenant Marshal Sturm, one of a handful of survivors of a battalion decimated by the musket-hating doctrine of his superiors, has developed a new tactic that could flip the battlefield upside down. The only thing standing in his way are the officers of his own chain of command. But the Empire is set to invade Kriegsturm again and the only thing that can prevent total annihilation is Sturm and his Musket Men.

The Plains of Diamonte: After capturing the cities of Malaquita and Hessonita in a surprise invasion of Diamonte, Marcus and his legionnaires now have to face a Diamonte host that dwarfs the legion and its cavalry. To defeat it, he develops an audacious plan to wear down the enemy soldiers while preparing to deliver Diamonte its most humiliating loss yet. His only problem is that his allies are less trustworthy than his enemies. Can Marcus and his legionnaires outwit friend and foe alike to win their most important victory yet?

The Fall of Amatista: While Marcus Venandus and his legion pluck a second jewel from the crown of Thegn Clovis in Diamonte, Lord Unwen’s army moves in for the kill in Amatista. He has assembled the greatest military force ever seen in the Southern Jeweled Hills and he is determined to crack Amatista wide open with it. Faced with siege engines, scaling ladders, magic, and treachery, while its own legion is far away in Diamonte, how can Amatista hope to survive? Were all of the legion’s valiant efforts for naught? Can anything stop the Fall of Amatista?

Red Caps: Undersheriff Joanna Donovan has defended Hadrian’s Well from waves of uninvited guests before—including a zombie apocalypse—but now she just may have met her match. Brownies are small, quiet, cute, and want nothing more than to help people tidy up their homes—as long as you respect them. Her other visitors are loud, untidy, high-handed, and don’t respect anyone—hardly the perfect houseguests. Together, they may prove too much for the undersheriff and her overworked department to handle.